5 ways to avoid driving drunk

Driving drunk is against the law, and most people understand how dangerous it is. The majority of people who get behind the wheel while intoxicated have no other ideas about how to get home -- or they choose to ignore them. How can we stop this? The simple solution is learning different ways that you can get home when you are intoxicated. Choosing one of these five methods will help prevent you from getting a DUI and prevent points from being added to your license.

Take a taxi

The first thing you can do is call a taxi. Charleston is a big city, and there are areas where getting a taxi is extremely easy. For example, if you are drinking near the airport, you are likely to be able to call a taxi and have it arrive within a few minutes.

Take a ride-share service

The next option is using a ride-share service. These services include companies such as Lyft or Uber. The drivers with these companies are on demand, so you don't have to call in advance or schedule a pick-up time.

In some cases, you are able to schedule a pick-up time with a ride-share service, which would help you get home from wherever you are at an appropriate time. The benefit of this kind of service is that you can access it from your phone and pay with a credit card over the phone as well. You can input your credit card information before you go out for the night, so you don't even have to worry about paying.

Walk home

If you are close enough to do so, consider walking home. You may be over the limit but feel sober enough to walk home safely.

Stay the night

If going home isn't an option because you have no access to a ride home, consider staying the night. Many times, there are hotels and motels in areas around bars and venues. It is a better option to pay $70 or $80 for a night at a hotel then to end up with serious fines for a DUI, much less potential injuries to you or others in the process.

Call friends or family

Finally, if you have no other option, it may be a good idea to call your friends or family to get a ride home. Even if you think you might get in trouble or will have to listen to your friend or family member lecture you, it is better to get a safe ride home then to have a crash that results in injuries or deaths.

These are five ways to avoid a DUI. Be cautious, and be prepared when you plan to drink.

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