3 reasons why people in South Carolina fight traffic tickets

Getting pulled over by law enforcement can be a major pain. All too often, a traffic citation can take a long time, making you late to arrive at your destination. Then, there is the headache that comes from needing to pay the ticket or appear in traffic court. In some cases, you may even need to miss work for that court appearance.

A lot of people in South Carolina just choose to pay their ticket and move on with their lives. They don't stop to consider how a minor traffic infraction can impact their lives for many months to come. If you have recently received a ticket, you should consider the common reasons to push back against it before you choose to pay the ticket, which is ostensibly pleading guilty to the citation.

Traffic tickets are expensive

Depending on what citation you receive, a traffic ticket could cost several hundreds of dollars. That in and of itself would be a frustrating experience, but there are often other factors that can increase the amount that the ticket costs you.

For example, if you receive a citation in a work zone, where construction crews are repairing or improving roads, you could face harsh penalties. Endangering a road worker, even without causing injury, is an additional ticket that could cost you between $500 and $1,000. Obviously, when you are talking about an extra ticket in addition to the typical fine for speeding, that may be well worth your time to push back against the ticket.

Traffic tickets can impact your driving record

Every time you get a ticket, the state of South Carolina adds points to your license. Over time, too many points can mean that you have to pay additional fees to retain your license. Sometimes, they can even mean that you lose your license.

Do you ever drive for work? If so, getting a ticket could impact more than your budget. It could also affect your ability to continue doing your job. Many companies take a dim view of employees who receive citations when off of work.

The more citations you receive, the more likely it is for your employer to penalize you or even terminate your position. Paying to insure a professional driver with a questionable driving record could cost your company more than it's worth.

A ticket will mean you pay more for insurance

If you receive a moving violation citation while driving, you are probably more concerned with the immediate cost of the fine then the long-term consequences of the ticket. However, you will have financial consequences for many months and even years after a simple ticket.

Additional points on your license mean that it will cost more for you to secure liability insurance when you renew your insurance policy. Depending on the number of tickets you have on your record, you could be paying hundreds of dollars more every year just because of simple driving infractions.

There are a host of reasons why people choose to fight traffic tickets, including social and financial issues. If you recently received a citation on the road, you should carefully consider whether pushing back against that ticket would be in your best interest.

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