Could you guard your teen from the temptation of drugs?

As the parent of a teenager, you likely have many worries. Soon your child may start dating more seriously, learn to drive and have many new experiences. While many of these actions can help your child thrive and grow as an individual, you may also worry that peer pressure or other actions could land him or her into serious trouble.

In particular, you may have concerns about your child potentially trying drugs, developing an abuse problem or even stealing your prescriptions. Unfortunately, teen drug use is a reality, and it may prove wise to take preventative measures even before you suspect your child of such activities.

Open communication

Many parents find it difficult to talk to their teens, and as a result, they may avoid having important conversations. However, if you start an open dialogue with your teen about drugs and drug use, you may set up a line of communication that allows your child to ask questions and understand your disapproval of abusing substances. Knowing that using drugs could lead you to feel disappointed may help your child maintain a strong moral compass.

Additionally, if you do not discuss drug use with your child, he or she may become more intrigued by the mystery of various substances. By answering questions your child may have, he or she may not feel as drawn to experiencing what certain drugs can do.

Prescription drugs

Though you may have major concerns regarding marijuana or other illegal substances, you may also want to remember that you could have temptations right in your home in the form of prescription drugs. You or another family member may have received the prescription for a valid reason, and maybe you did not take every pill. If this is the case, you may want to take measures to get rid of the pills to keep from potentially tempting your child, or possibly a child's friend, into taking the medication.

If you have a current prescription and worry that your child or a friend may think about taking the pills, you may want to take protective measures. You could carry the medication with you if possible, count the pills regularly to make sure none are missing or keep them in a locked area if more extreme measures are needed.

Drug charges

Unfortunately, many people make bad decisions in their teen years. If your child ends up in a situation where authorities have charged him or her with possession of prescriptions or other substances, you may understandably worry about his or her future. In hopes of effectively addressing the situation, you may want to explore possible defense options and strategies that could help your child's case.

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