How a college DUI impacts your future

All you wanted to do was to go out and have fun with your friends, but the night quickly turned sour when the police pulled you over. Your tail light was out, which normally is a simple matter of talking to the police and getting a new light after a warning. Unfortunately, since you'd been drinking, the officer asked you to perform a field sobriety test before giving you a breathalyzer test.

It was then you learned that you were over the legal limit at .08. The officer took the test twice, and you did poorly on the field-sobriety tests also. Now, you face a DUI.

What should you do now, and how is this going to affect you?

A DUI can impact you a few different ways. It's possible that you may face administrative penalties at your college. You may be suspended from school due to violating the school's student code of contact.

Universities tend to have a lot of leeway in how they handle situations involving student violations of the code of conduct. You may get nothing but a slap on the wrist, or you may be expelled completely.

On top of educational penalties, you may face criminal charges and fines. Charges, if you end up convicted, can lead to you losing your license or having a DUI on your criminal record. You may need to pay fines and administrative fees as well.

What happens if you're under age?

If you are under age, you may lose your driving privileges. You may also be placed under house arrest or go to juvenile detention. You could face high fines and be required to go to a substance-abuse program. Fortunately, if you are under the age of 21, you may be tried as a juvenile and potentially could have your record sealed once you reach adulthood. If you are over 21, expunging the record is the only way to eliminate the record of a DUI.

If you're stopped for a DUI, your attorney can help. Defending yourself now could prevent a conviction.

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