4 ways a college DUI can affect your future

It's true that teens and young adults want to have fun as much as they want to work hard, and as a student at a university, you deserve a needed break. Unfortunately, many students end up drinking and driving, which puts them at risk for a DUI. A DUI results in a number of long-term consequences, even if you don't have to go to jail or pay a fine. So, how can a DUI affect your future?

1. You could lose your license

For first-time offenders, sometimes losing a license is only temporary. Many times, offenders have the right to obtain a temporary license that allows them to drive to work or school. If you don't get an exemption that allows you to drive to school or work, it can mean missing work, failing classes or even losing your job. If you've been charged and convicted of a DUI more than once, then you may lose your license for even longer or permanently, which means you always have to take taxis, buses or have a private driver.

2. You may not get the job

This is not a subtle after-effect of a DUI. Many employers don't hire people with convictions, and most jobs require a background check. Your DUI is a public record, and it's on your driver's license records, too. If the job requires driving, it's unlikely you'll be hired for many years after the conviction, if at all.

3. Your job could fire you

If you already have a job, then you could be at risk of losing employment. Some jobs have a rule that makes firing mandatory if an employee has a DUI. Even if you go through a diversion program, your employer could find out, putting your job at risk. It's important to find out if your employer has the right to fire you for a conviction, so your attorney and any diversion program can help prevent that from happening.

4. You may lose any professional licenses you hold

Another significant penalty you face is the potential loss of a professional license. Lawyers, doctors, nurses and other professionals require professional licenses to work. Your arrest will be disclosed to the state or the agency through which you get your license. Depending on the circumstances, the agency may revoke your license.

These are just a few of many possible side effects of a DUI. The best prevention is to work to prevent a conviction, with which your attorney can help you .

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