Alcohol-related convictions: Putting your student's future at risk

We send our children off to college with so many hopes and dreams for their future. It's an opportunity to learn and grow as individuals; their first glimpse into all that adulthood has to offer.

Like everything in life, these experiences also come with challenges, with the availability of alcohol ranking high on the list. If your child has been charged with driving under the influence or another alcohol-related offense in South Carolina, a conviction can significantly impact his or her future.

Three Consequences Of An Alcohol-Related Conviction

If you've received the dreaded phone call every parent fears, you're probably wondering how an alcohol-related conviction could impact your college student's future. In addition to the stiff penalties and loss of his or her driver's license, your child may face other long-term effects. Here are three:

1. Educational Impact

Most colleges require notification when one of their students has been brought up on charges. Depending upon the severity of the charges, your child could be facing automatic suspension or expulsion. Should the university allow the student to remain in school, grants, financial aid or scholarships could be at risk.

Additionally, if your child is a part of any sports team or is living in student housing, he or she could be asked to quit or move out. It's also important to note that most higher education organizations decline acceptance for any student with a criminal record, making earning a higher degree more challenging.

2. Employment Opportunities

Your son or daughter may be required to participate in an internship program before earning his or her degree. Once the internship is complete, he or she will be setting out to find a post-college job.

This is where a criminal conviction comes into play. Many prospective employers view a conviction as more than a blemish, questioning the individual's character and judgment. Finding an internship or job post-conviction could prove quite challenging.

3. Daily Activities

Alcohol-related charges can also impact your child's day-to-day activities. Many banks inquire about a criminal record when considering a loan application. Additionally, personal and commercial landlords often request this information from prospective tenants. It could even affect your child's ability to volunteer with some charity organizations.

So What Can You Do To Protect Your Child?

We all make mistakes - but don't allow a single mistake to impact your child's entire future. If your son or daughter has been charged with an alcohol-related offense near Charleston, South Carolina, an experienced attorney may be able to help resolve the matter without a conviction and keep your child's record clean.

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