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Is Child Support Always a Requirement?

Child support is an emotional topic for anyone who's ever been involved in a situation where custody is shared or otherwise separate. In most cases, fathers pay child support to mothers who have custody of their children. In others, mothers pay child support to custodial fathers. An agreed-upon amount is paid on an agreed-upon schedule. This is usually ordered by the presiding court. That's why knowing what to expect is important when it comes time for your child custody resolution.

How to Handle a Custody Disagreement

One of the most difficult things to deal with during the process of a divorce is what happens with the children involved. When couples choose to go their separate ways, it can be impossible to come up with a child custody agreement that satisfies everybody. This process is painful enough for you, and is even more so for your kids.

Are You Required to Take a Field Sobriety Test?

It's late, and you're driving down the highway, headed home for the night, when you see blue and red lights flashing behind you. Before long, you realize the flashing lights are intended for you, and a police care is urging you to pull to the side of the road. Best case scenario: He's just pulling you over to wish you a good evening before sending you on your way. Worst case scenario: He suspects that you're impaired and is intent on proving it.

When To File a Personal Injury Claim in South Carolina

Any time you are injured at the hands of another person, you incur costs that you otherwise wouldn't have. The cost of medical bills, medication, and physical therapy can add up quickly. And that's saying nothing of the times that you either can't work or have to miss work to go to doctor's appointments or other accident-related activities. Add to all of that the pain and suffering you deal with on a daily basis, and you're left pondering what, if anything, you should do about it. Should you pursue a claim or suit against the person responsible for your injuries? The decision about whether or not to take legal action is simple but complex. If you decide to take legal action, the first thing you need to consider is whether to file a personal injury claim or a personal injury lawsuit. Despite some similarities, claims and lawsuits are not the same. So, before you decide what to do, you must understand the differences between the two.

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