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Divorce Mediation: Your Alternative to Litigation

Going through a divorce, but not looking forward to battling it out in court? Fortunately, the courtroom isn't your only option for resolving the particulars of your divorce. Mediation is a great alternative that many people are increasingly opting for, which isn't really hard to understand once you realize all of the benefits that come with resolving a divorce through mediation. These benefits are precisely what we'll discuss here, along with why this alternative may be a better option for you than average litigation proceedings.

Preparing for Your Child Custody Resolution

Child custody cases can be complex and overwhelming affairs, something caused in large part to a lack of awareness preceding the process. Understanding what to expect, how to prepare, and how to handle various child custody procedures will go a long way in helping you resolve your custody case much faster and without quite so much headache. 

DUI: Misdemeanor to Felony

Imagine going out to a nice dinner with your loved ones. You enjoy a delicious meal, along with a glass or two of wine. When the check has been taken care of and you get in the car, do you worry about getting a DUI on your way home? Should you worry after only two glasses of wine?

Methods of Divorce: Discovering the Best Choice for Your Situation

There's sort of a universal picture of what divorce proceedings look like: two spouses squaring off in court with their chosen legal aid, fighting back and forth over every little detail of their marriage. This isn't the way in which you have to handle your divorce, though. 

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