You Need a Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney on Your Side

If you have been arrested, or you are facing criminal charges in Charleston, South Carolina, there is only one type of person who can help you make sure that your case is treated fairly and you get the best possible outcome in your case: a criminal defense attorney.

These days, the legal system has very little tolerance for criminal activities, whether it is related to suspected drug activity, driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, gun charges, charges for being unruly, or causing disturbances. Being in trouble with the law is no joke, and it isn't something that should be taken lightly. This is especially the case if you are truly innocent of the crimes you've been accused of.

It is a fact that you will need to be represented in a court of law when you face a judge or jury. While public defenders are always made available to people who have been criminally charged, it is worth noting that this type of attorney is working with many other people who are in the same situation that you are. By hiring a skilled attorney to defend you, you are taking the necessary steps to assure that you are doing your level best to protect your rights and your freedom.

Experienced Criminal Attorneys Have Your Best Interest

Hiring a private criminal attorney to represent you when your case goes to trial is the key to assuring the best possible outcome in your case. They take the time to review all of the facts of your case so that if there were any mistakes while being processed or there is evidence that supports your case, these factors are professionally presented to the presiding judge in the case.

It goes without saying that someone who has a deep understanding of local and federal laws, and who is there to defend your case, is always going to be a smarter defense than not having one at all. The same can be said of leaving your fate in the hands of overextended public defenders who are tasked with defending accused parties who do not have the means, or the interest, to hire a well-qualified criminal lawyer for their case. While not always the case, many public defenders are forced to juggle many criminal cases at a time, so they may not have the time or incentive to delve deeply into any particular case.

Regardless of whether this is a first-time offense or you have had multiple run-ins with the law, you need a criminal lawyer who is ready to go to bat for you. If a plea agreement is available, they should be willing to listen to what the prosecution is willing to offer.

Plea Bargains Can Offer Reduced Time Served for Cooperating with Authorities

Depending on the nature and severity of your case, you may have the option of making a plea bargain as a way to lessen your punishment for the crime you are accused of committing. The terms of a plea agreement can vary widely between cases. In order to qualify for a more lenient sentence, you may be required to provide information or testify against someone else involved in the case.

Many plea agreements reduce the amount of jail time and require that you follow a very specific set of rules for probation. This could involve having limited driving privileges, being electronically monitored, being put under house arrest, having to abstain from the use of drugs and alcohol, having to participate in community service, undergoing rehab, seeking counseling, obtaining a GED, or any combination of these things.

When you hire a respected defense attorney, they fight on your behalf to try to get you the best outcome possible given the situation. They rely upon using legal precedence within the region to make sure that you get an amicable deal offering for your case.

A Respected Criminal Lawyer Is Your Best Advocate

There is no doubt that being accused, arrested, or detained for suspected criminal activity is a difficult spot in life to be in. It is stressful, upsetting, and confusing not only for you, but also your loved ones who are affected by your unfortunate situation. While they may be able to offer moral support and perhaps some money to help post a bond or bail, there is not much they can do when you have to report to the courtroom.

It is really up to you, and the bargaining skills and defense of your lawyer, when your day in court arrives and the judge in your case decides your fate. Your life and your future are on the line! This is not something that you want to leave in the hands of a lawyer who doesn't have a vested interest in defending you against the charges that are pending against you.

Don't Wait until It's Too Late!

When facing misdemeanor or felony criminal charges, the sooner that you secure a trusted criminal lawyer to defend you, the better. In fact, the best time to get in contact with a skilled Charleston, SC criminal attorney is as soon as you are booked.

You have the right to remain silent until you have an opportunity to meet with your lawyer. Once your lawyer arrives, it is his job to make sure that all procedures are followed in a professional way, that you are not lead into admitting guilt, or incriminating yourself in any way. If a line of questioning is inappropriate, he stands up for you to make sure that you aren't pressured into offering a response to their inquiries.

After this initial meeting, it is his obligation to listen to your side of the story to find any discrepancies that could change the outcome in your case. As it has always been said, often the "devil is in the details." If there is even one factor that can help rule in your favor or minimize your punishment, it is up to your lawyer to leave no stone unturned to get the best possible result for your case. 

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