Why You Need a DUI Lawyer

The advantages of having a lawyer in any legal case are numerous and often outweigh their expense. DUI and similar charges are areas where having a lawyer is often worth the cost, as their expertise could change the outcome of your case dramatically. Not only that, but they ensure your rights are exercised and not kept from being infringed upon, and they may have a strategy that could significantly reduce your punishment.

The key to successfully and assuredly dealing with most legal issues is with the advice and aid of legal counsel. This seems especially pertinent to cases outside of small claims, where having expert knowledge is of serious advantage. In the same way you wouldn't let your dentist perform veterinary work on your pet, you're best served by not playing lawyer, but finding the best for yourself, instead.

A few Law and Order episodes, while simply a TV show, can represent the power a defense attorney can provide in protecting your interests and rights, and simultaneously working to get you the best possible outcome. While lawyers come with an expense, the detriment of a DUI charge that goes unchecked could be considerably more expensive and impactful, and end up costing you a great deal more.

It's best to leave it to the professionals in the event you're facing a potentially serious charge such as a DUI/DWI charge. There are numerous benefits and a number of reasons as to why. It could result in anything from a dismissal of your case due to some misconduct, to proving your innocence, to a negotiated plea for a much reduced sentence, punishment, license suspension, etc., depending on your state's laws.

All states have some form of DUI/DWI laws, and the punishments and procedures are similar across states, but they do vary, so consulting an attorney who is expert in DUI related offenses, as well as your state's laws, is essential to forming the best defense.

Experience & Reputation

Finding an experienced defense attorney specializing in DUI can be difficult, but is hardly impossible. Across Google there are many directories that are state specific and which will sometimes even offer ratings. Finding a lawyer with a reputation for getting their clients results can sometimes be discovered on the Web, too. In the same way people review cars, they review lawyers and other services, and there's a great deal of variability from lawyer to lawyer.

If they're local and familiar with the judges, prosecutors, etc. in your area, this could be an even bigger benefit. It's possible they've already developed relationships with prior cases with these individuals, and that might play hugely into getting a reduced suspension and getting the best possible outcome.  

In one instance, we recommended to a friend in need of a defense attorney one who was local to where the alleged crime took place. That lawyer knew the judge and, with a bit of a wink and a nudge, what could have been a burdensome sentence was turned into a reasonable fine.

Reduced Suspensions, Fines, or Other Punishments

The greatest advantage to having representation is that you've got the advantage of someone who knows the system and how to work it, so you don't have to. Being so expert, they can often spot police misconduct, legal misconduct, or any infringements of your personal rights which could be grounds for dismissing the case altogether.

Next, they know how to create the appropriate strategy for each case. Every DUI/DWI case is a little bit different, but having a lawyer who can create an appropriate strategy could mean the difference between having a short, temporary license suspension, instead of the full suspension time.

They can also advise you on how to handle yourself in court for the best possible presentation. It makes a big difference how active the defendant is in addressing the offense, particularly when pleading out. Your lawyer is your best center for advice on the issue, but showing that you're no longer a likely candidate for a DUI or that you're addressing a substance abuse problem can make all the difference. Your character matters, so consider, if you have social media, removing any references or photos of criminal behavior or even legal alcohol use, as those, if discovered, work very much against you and your lawyer.

If you can afford it, the breathalyzer built into the vehicle is one method that often gets a DUI charge heavily reduced. In some states this is becoming a mandatory practice after multiple offenses, but that's only if you can afford the system. Those sorts of acts of good intention do make a difference, and make your lawyer's ability to be effective and deliver an awesome outcome just that much easier.

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