Top 10 Tips to Avoid a DUI/DWI

This blog post focuses on ways to avoid driving drunk. It provides tips and suggestions on how to best avoid potentially getting a debilitating DUI or DWI charge and subsequently avoid the rigorous legal system. Knowing the law is helpful, but avoiding the law can be better. These tips are intended to provide easy ways that this can be done, along with providing several proven methods of accomplishing that task. It also gives practical suggestions on ways to reduce drinking, as well as ways to get out of an unplanned drinking situation.

You've heard it over and over again: Don't drink and drive. Knowing the law can be helpfulbut it's best to avoid it. They're right, but there are numerous ways to keep yourself out of jail, keep your license, and keep your life on track.

Avoiding a DUI/DWI can make all the difference between normal citizenry and a looming criminal history, and the expense, hassle, and complications can make life incredibly difficult and work almost impossible.  So, rather than putting your life, wallet, or job in jeopardy, take advantage of these useful tips the next time you need to get around while you're intoxicated:

1) Give up the keys!  If you're the type who's inclined to get behind the wheel, try handing the keys over to a trusted friend so that you can't get behind the wheel at all. This is a sure-fire way to keep you out of the driver's seat. Better yet, perhaps give them to a designated driver who can get you home or wherever you're going next!

2) The good ol' designated driver. This one never fails, and it probably lends the most comfort to the passengers. Choosing a responsible individual to handle transportation is perfect and, ideally, they should consume no alcohol during the event. It's important that this person isn't going to leave or begin drinking themselves, potentially creating even more of an unsafe situation, so tread with caution.

3) Sleep over or get a hotel. Find a friend you can stay with, as that's a great way to sleep off the booze and get yourself freshened up for the road. If you can't arrange plans with a friend, finding an inexpensive hotel room or other accommodations is a great alternative and might even afford you a few more comfortable amenities for the night ahead.

4) Limit your consumption. Rather than partying extra hard, all night long, try limiting your drinking total. If you consume your drinks earlier in the evening, and limit yourself, you'll find by the later hours you've sobered up and can get back on the road. This method isn't foolproof, though, and it requires a good degree of self-control, so it may be helpful to have a friend keep an eye out.

5) Have a plan. Before you even go out, know where you're going and how you plan to get home. Don't try to figure that out on the fly, especially after having had a few drinks where your judgement may not be up to par. Planning ahead also assures you that you've got a secure way to get home and can still go have a good time!

6) Public Transportation. Don't dis the bus. It's a great way to get around, and you've got a guaranteed designated driver for your route. Work the routes or types of public transit available, and include them in your plan for the night. This will make it easier and painless to utilize. It's also inexpensive and typically available in most cities and populated areas.

7) Start early. By drinking earlier in the day, and giving your body sufficient time, it's possible to have a few drinks and enjoy yourself plenty before you eventually step into your vehicle. Just be sure, if you do indulge, that you've truly sobered up enough. The earlier you start, and the later you leave, the better for letting there be enough time for your body to process out the alcohol.

8) Stay social. It's hard to keep sucking down those beers if you're chatting people up. Keeping up with the small talk is an excellent way to help distract you from drinking too much and could even yield you a new friend or two. It's a great way to be social and to limit your drinking.

9) Too drunk to drive? Rather than thinking you have no way to get out, consider a phone call to a loved one or close friend who could give you a ride home, and then back to your vehicle the next day. This truly keeps everyone safe, but be sure to secure your vehicle and belongings before leaving them unattended. It's better to risk upsetting someone at 2 a.m. than risking a DUI/DWI or a horrible accident. Ask any mother.

10) Eat! We can't tell you the number of times we've watched someone become too intoxicated simply because they forgot to eat lunch that day. Alcohol is best consumed with some food in the stomach slowing its absorption and helping reduce how intoxicated you become. However, eating food afterwards, while slowing absorption, may be too late of a strategy, so use caution and don't count on a big meal to sober you up!

Even the best of us get caught in the worst of positions, so, if you're in need of some advice, don't hesitate to seek it out from a professional.

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