Advice for Dealing with a DUI/DWI

This article pertains to advice on generally avoiding a DUI charge, subsequently dealing with an officer, and then any legal actions that might come up. The tips regard all three and provide some legal avenues as well as other avenues to resolve and potentially avoid a DUI/DWI charge or deal with facing one.

DUI/DWI charges can be an incredible burden. They have financial, emotional, and legal costs that can be disabling and further compound difficulties a person may be experiencing in life. It can make employment difficult to impossible, leaving you in even more despair than when you saw the blue flashing lights in your rearview mirror. Don't panic, and get smart! There's a few things you can do even if it feels as though it's too late.

While it's best to go out of your way and avoid a DUI/DWI charge by not driving while impaired, even the most responsible of us make mistakes and can find themselves in some trouble. Make plans and use the advice of others to avoid getting into the vehicle, first and foremost, but, if it's already too late, don't panic. It is possible to handle these complex legal proceedings and end up without suffering too greatly for it if you are properly prepared and use the help of a lawyer.

Depending on the State

Every state has different laws regarding impaired driving and handling them varies accordingly. There are, however, a great deal of similarities between states, so some general advice can be followed. Still, it's always best when facing legal action to consult a legal expert who is familiar with DUI/DWI laws. South Carolina residents can consult with this Charleston expert for their specific needs, and residents of other states can consider using a directory to find an expert.


Depending on the circumstances of your DUI/DWI arrest, there are a few things that may apply. If you refuse the breathalyzer, it can in many states set off an automatic six month license suspension. There are, however, some ways of dealing with this through an occupational or hardship license or through some interesting legal maneuvering best done on the advice of a lawyer. S.C. residents and states with similar laws would benefit from this guide which helps persons who've just been or in the process of being arrested for a DWI/DUI.

Improving Your Odds

There are some things you can do to help your case, regardless. Admitting to the court, on the guidance of your attorney, that you are actively trying to address your alcohol use can be another way to help prove that you're interested in correcting a mistake, rather than remaining or becoming a habitual offender who doesn't take the law seriously.

Volunteering for Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings is one possibility, as are other alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs and treatments. This goes a long way toward showing you understand your actions and are prepared to address them. Remember: Active demonstrations that show you have reduced or stopped drinking can potentially go a long way toward appealing or reducing a license suspension.

On that note: Appearances matter. Be sure that on public spaces like Facebook, Instagram, or other public media that incriminating photos aren't present. Additionally, photos of partying, alcohol use, etc. could end up being used against you and support a harsher punishment at your DUI hearing, even though they aren't themselves illegal. Common sense, to an extent, does apply!

Final Word: Get an Experienced Attorney

While it's casually mentioned earlier in this article, the most important and helpful tool to anyone facing a DUI/DWI charge is having an experienced DUI attorney by their side to assist them. They're educated in the laws and arrests related to DUI, a territory you're more than likely to find unfamiliar.

Friends, family, and the internet are great resources, but attorneys in this field know how to maneuver the best deal for you. They can take positive actions and will bargain for a lesser sentencing and reduced overall punishment for you.

Additionally, by knowing the law so expertly, they're likely to pick up on any fishy behavior or any less than perfect--illegal--maneuverings that might have gone on during or after your arrest. This not only assures that you get the best possible deal, but that you also have your rights maintained throughout the proceedings.

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