Personal Injury Advice: The Claim Mistakes to Avoid

When you sustain a personal injury from a slip and fall, automobile accident, or an accident in the workplace, you will likely have the means to try a personal injury case against the offender(s). However, there are several things that you should not do, in order to receive the full compensation that you are owed. Be sure to avoid making these claim mistakes: Taking too much time to file During the time between the accident and seeking necessary medical treatment, you may find it hard to take the time to file your personal injury case; however, the sooner, the better. Make sure to consult an attorney immediately after your accident in order to receive the best possible outcome for treatment of your injuries and for compensation. Signing a release You should never sign something without first consulting with a personal injury attorney. You may unknowingly sign a release that causes all the claims to be settled, and/or an agreement that prevents you from making a personal injury case in the future. Posting on social media While you should take photos for evidence of the accident and of all your injuries, you should always refrain from posting them online or talking about any of the details of your case and injuries on your social media platforms. Anything you post can be taken into court and used against you. Even if all your accounts are set to private, be wary that the information can still be found. Just avoid online sharing at all costs. Throwing out potential evidence You should never throw out potential evidence just because you may think it is unimportant and/or minuscule. Make sure to keep all paperwork, proof of injuries, casts, pill bottles, etc. Also, be sure to document your injuries throughout the healing process. The more evidence you provide, the better chance you have of receiving your full compensation. Using your private health insurance If you were injured on the job, and have to visit the hospital or make a doctor's appointment, make sure to use your company's worker's comp rather than your own insurance plan to treat your injuries. Representing yourself Personal injury cases require an in-depth knowledge and skills of these particular cases. That's why it is in your best interest to lean on the help of a personal injury attorney. Not to mention, the right attorney will be better able to handle the claims with insurance companies, legal regulations, and other complicated regulations that are involved in these cases. Lying While you might want to lie or exaggerate your injuries in order to get a better result out of your case, this is not a good idea. This is counterproductive for your case. Instead of receiving more rewards, you might blow the chance of receiving any, causing you to go unpaid for your injuries. Always be truthful and upfront about the circumstances of the accident and the injuries you sustained. Forgetting to document the scene It's important to document as much as you can. Take photos of the scene from all angles, up close and from far away. You want to make sure your documentation will be able to show how serious the accident was, and it may help prove your injuries in the event that an insurance company tries to prevent you from receiving your full compensation by claiming you weren't seriously injured. Failing to seek medical attention While you may not think you suffered many risks from a minor slip and fall or automobile accident, you are only putting yourself at great risk by not seeking medical attention. Plus, a lot of times internal injuries aren't apparent until the condition worsens. When you don't go to the emergency room or visit a doctor, not only are you putting your body at greater risk, but you also have a chance of reducing your compensation. Ignoring symptoms While you should visit the doctor for obvious reasons, make sure that, while you are there, you inform your doctor or nurse of every possible symptom or pain you are experiencing after your accident. If you do not inform your doctor of all your symptoms, he may not prescribe you the right medication, treatment, and therapies. Plus, if all your injuries are not recorded, you likely won't get the amount of compensation that you are owed. Giving a recorded statement Be careful about what you say to insurance companies, as they are liable to take your words out of context in order to decrease your settlement and build a strong case against your claims. Be sure that all statements you give are under a controlled environment.

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