Protecting Your Reputation And Your Rights After A Criminal Charge

Few things are worse than being accused of a crime you did not commit. After all, many criminal convictions carry with them extreme consequences which can haunt you for a lifetime. The stigma alone which accompanies criminal accusations can be devastating not only to you, but to your family as well.

This is why at the Law Office of Jason S. Stevens, LLC, our first and foremost concern is keeping your reputation intact. Whether it be giving interviews, publishing news releases or simply keeping the information strictly confidential, we will take whatever steps necessary to protect you from unwanted publicity that can lead to embarrassment or humiliation. In the most severe circumstances, we can even file suit to prohibit the publication of defamatory material or to recover damages in the event defamatory material is published.

Providing Vigorous Defense Against A Wide Array Of Charges

We are available to fight for you if you have been charged with:

We have particular experience defending college students from The Citadel, the College of Charleston, Charleston Southern University and other schools in the area.

We Strive To Minimize The Consequences You Face

In addition to protecting your reputation at all costs, our experience in the South Carolina criminal justice system means that you can count on receiving competent, aggressive representation from start to finish.

Our primary objective is always to obtain a dismissal or acquittal for you. If that is simply not possible, we will aggressively pursue every alternative available in order to get you the most lenient sentence possible, regardless of the time or effort it takes. In other words, we will not make concessions to the prosecutor or recommend a plea bargain unless it is truly in your best interest.

Call Day Or Night For Legal Help

Don't hesitate to call the Law Office of Jason S. Stevens, LLC, at 843-410-3953 or email our office to schedule a free initial consultation with our lawyer. You can reach us 24/7. Let us begin defending you and your future today.